Obzor 2020. pozivi za prijedloge projekata za integraciju migranata

 Horizon 2020 funding for migration research

Of the total amount distributed over the three years of the programme, more than €120 million will be spent on projects exploring:

  • The effects of migration on host communities, including integration of migrants into European societies and labour markets, challenges like the assessment and recognition of migrants’ skills and qualifications and the integration of migrant children. Research will also examine social barriers to integration, how cultural and core values are translated into integration policies and initiatives and to what extent these values are shared in Europe.
  • The different types of migration, viewing migration as a temporary or cyclical rather than a permanent or linear phenomenon.

Other parts of the three-year Work Programme include:

  • €24.6 million for research on modelling, predicting and managing migration flows
  • €2 million for further development of the EU’s Science4Refugees initiative, helping refugees with a scientific background to find jobs with European scientific institutions
  • €12 million to study rural policies to address rural-to-urban migration in Europe and globally
  • €23 million to study the human dynamics of climate change

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